Mombasa is one of the main tourist attractions, which is situated near the coastline of the Indian Ocean.

Mombasa has a favorable climate, freshwater to saltwater for snorkeling, magical marine life for exploring, and beach for walking barefoot.

Mombasa is also a great city for a family trip as it has tons of activities to do for adults and children. Boats are parked near the shore, children are playing in the sands, adults are lying on the beach bed, others are exploring underwater – all these are sceneries of Mombasa beach.

In the city center, luxurious hotels and transport services are available. Also, the city is enriched with traditional art and culture. For tourists, it has places for visiting like Fort Jesus, Haller Park, Marine national park, old town, and more.


Nairobi is the city where Kenya can be discovered from a whole new dimension. The city center has been modernized with skyscrapers, wide roads, greeneries, restaurants, and architecture. A bit far from the city center, seeing elephants beside the highways is not very uncommon in Nairobi.

The urban people wear formal clothes and opt for a modern lifestyle, but in Nairobi hundreds of cultural and traditional sights can be seen. Traditional dance in places, tribal people with different ornaments, and other cultural cities can be seen in the capital of Kenya. Most importantly, Nairobian street food is worth mentioning. Juicy, flavorful, dry, and a variety of foods can be found in the restaurants ranging from different pricing.

Samburu and Meru Meru

Samburu is the Kenyan region with green grass and woodland. Walking in Samburu involves enjoying the wildlife, small rivers, and forests. Basically, people there can experience a natural safari where they do not need to visit the zoo or national parks.

Talking about the people, the Samburu individuals are highly influenced by their own culture. They wear traditional ornaments and cloths which are colorful and fascinating. Rather than seeing them on screen, discovering them in person is truly a different experience.

Meru is the similar but modernist version of Samburu. The city is organized with buildings, roads, and rivers. To escape in the greenery, nobody needs to go outside of Meru as a bit far from the city, the Meru National Park is situated. Here wildlife, green safari, and nature can be enjoyed with peace.
Both of the wonderful places have good hotels, restaurants, and transport services for the travelers.

Rift Valley

Rift valley is a whole lot different Kenyan region where the main attraction is the parted crust of land. These are divided due to the rock tension or stress.
Many studies and researches have been done subjecting this rift valley. Besides that, a dynamic view can be perceived here because it has high cliffs and green meadows intertwined altogether. This entire 182,505.1 square kilometers valley province used to be dominated by Kenya. Now, most of it is the part of the nation.
The rift valley has an approximate of 10,006,805 inhabitants which makes this the largest and most populated province of the country. The people of rift valley are mostly tribal and rural, but the flow of modernization has already started there. Town establishments and educational institutes are being built here as well.


Kawale is a small town located in Kenya. It is 8,270.2 square km with 649,931 populations. The people of the Mijikenda ethnic group can be seen in Kwale. Rivers and agricultural lands are found in town but infrastructure including roads, electricity, and water are not up to the mark.
The county faces challenges of land tenure every year. Even after covering an area, Kwale has its governing system and political policies. On the other hand, Kwale has some amazing places to visit, such as Simba hills, Nugutuni, and salt lick safari. In the safari side of Kwale, glimpses of animals like lion and tiger can be enjoyed. Other than that, the town has Sheldrick falls which are also worth visiting.

Final Words

Kenya has 47 countries and 7 geographic regions. Kenyan regions might not be as much modern as other countries because of economic inequality, corruption, and health problems, but the country is developing fast. Aside from all the economic facts, Kenya has everything to offer to a tourist or visitor. No matter how many countries a traveler might visit, there is no wonderful country like Kenya to find beauty and peace. Furthermore, Kenya now has very few crime records as the government is implementing strict and peaceful policies for its natives and visitors from abroad.