Kenyan Food

It will be a hard case to find out the people who have not tasted American and Asian food in life. Even to some extent, having fries or Chinese noodles can become bland and inedible meals over time for some individuals.

To get out of this food-related boredom, all a person may need is a trip to Kenya because Kenyan food is not only unique and different but also delicious and appetizing. Kenyan streets are dotted with food vendors and roadside restaurants.

Walking on the streets during the lunch hour in this country is really an overwhelming experience. A blended flavor of local music and the smell of roasted meats create a wonderful environment for a passerby.

Best Dishes in Kenya

Kenyan restaurants are not very fancy but the cuisines make the dining experience unforgettable. Apart from all the local dishes, restaurants sell drinks and beverages, including local coffee, milky tea, and more. Today, we will give you a sweet and sour experience of Kenyan cuisine in this article.


There are a lot of people out there who do not like corn. This is probably because they have not tried Ugali yet. It is the most popular dish that is known all over Africa. This maize flour porridge is made in different forms but the most conventional ugali meal is made out of corn, dough and boiled water only.

The cooking process of the meal is simple. All you need to do is to put the corn dough in boiling water and keep it there until it becomes dense enough with a delicious white-yellow piece of cornmeal. To elevate the taste, different spices and stews are mixed in the corn porridge dish.


Githeri is also a traditional light meal consisting of maize and beans. To prepare flavorful Githeri, all that is required are some beans, maize, and water. Githeri is also known as Muthere or Mutheri. To make the meal even tastier, salt, chilies and pepper can be added in the mixture. Githeri is a healthy meal full of nutrients that does not include any fat or extra oil. It can be prepared in other ways too. To make the cornmeal heavier, vegetables and potatoes can be added as well. Githeri is popular among the Gikuyu, Embu, and Meru people.

Kenyan Pilau

The dish may seem like a basic fried rice meal, but the ingredients tell something more than that. The plate of spiced rice is made out of cumin, cinnamon, and cloves. Basically, the rice is served with mutton and stewed vegetables.

After having this delicious meal, the essence of flavor will stay for a while in the mouth due to its rich ingredients. The making procedure of Kenyan pilau is not that easy. To make a tasty plate of pilau, high cooking skill is definitely required.

Irio This is one of the famous dishes all over Kenya. The key ingredient of the meal is mashed peas, potato mix, and obviously Kenyans’ favorite, corns. The preparation process of Irio is quite simple. At the very first look, the dish may not appear as tasty as others but if a tongue tastes it once, then it becomes the fan of this meal forever.

Nyama Choma

This Kenya food article would seem vacant without Nyama Choma in the list. It could be called a traditional beef steak version of Kenya. The main dish comprises of roasted meat only. The meat of goat and cattle can be cooked in two different forms to prepare Nyama Choma. The meal with juicy fats and grizzle looks mouthwatering as well as it tastes better than European and American steak. To elevate the flavor, chunks of beef can be dipped in piles of pepper and salt.

Traditional Drinks in Kenya

There are no such traditional drinks available in Kenya, but a different form of tea and coffee is found in the continents. The country comes in the top list for producing pure coffee, so drinking a cup of coffee in Kenya is far more interesting than other foreign countries.

Fruit juices like mango, banana, and watermelon are also common in Kenya. The country is not left behind in terms of producing brewers. So, these are easily accessible here. However, there are certain rules that are established regarding the drinking age.

Kenyan Meat Feasts

There is no doubt that Kenyans like meat more than anything. So, in continents and cities like Nairobi, different meat feasts are held all around the year where all forms of meat can be found at a cheap rate.

In the meat feasts, the chief grills, fries, or boils meats very passionately. Most of the meat feasts are held on the streets or roadside restaurants, but they are completely fresh because right after slicing the meat, they are immediately put in the hot stoves.

Final Words

Just like other countries, diseases like food poising, diarrhea, and typhoid fever are common in Kenya, but the chances of getting infected by one from eating Kenyan food is rare. As we have already mentioned earlier, foods are made straight away without keeping them in the refrigerator like the modern restaurants.