Land and Climate of Kenya

The Republic of Kenya is located in an Eastern country.

The capital of the country, Nairobi is the largest city of Kenya which is vastly growing to be a modern city like woodlands or Kuala Lumpur. After a few years, Nairobi and the old capital of Kenya called Mombasa will adorn themselves with vivid skyscrapers, wide roads, and modern city sights.

In other areas, the scenarios are quite different. Neither skyscrapers nor any wide roads can be seen in the villages, the agricultural leftover lands with rich soil and water can be perceived in the rural village of Kenya. The green and yellow lands are enriched with meadows, trees, and wildlife. On the land, farmers can be found cultivating while singing songs in unison.

Kenya has one of the most dynamic climates ever. Sometimes it is hot and sometimes it is cold but not cold enough to snow. Generally, most of the Kenyan regions are cold but the temperature may rise up to 12-14 degrees Celsius which is also not that hot either. In cities like Nairobi and Kitale, the shine of the hot sun can be felt sometimes. In the coastal areas, the temperature is mostly controlled by the Indian Ocean.

From general perspectives, Kenya stays warm from December to March and cool from June to August. Also, the natural disaster or hazards like heavy drought and flooding are also common in Kenya during the rainy season.

Resources and Agriculture in Kenya

Kenya is also known for its natural heritage, the rich landscape and iconic biodiversity. Most of the Kenyan livelihood depends on natural resource. Unfortunately, over 80% agricultural land in Kenya is vulnerable to natural disasters. Yet the country is trying hard to fight against the natural hazards and has taken important steps to mitigate the adverse effects.

The most popular natural resources in Kenia include forests, wet and dry lands, and marine resource. According to the vision of 2030, the country has implemented numerous plans to reduce vulnerability and secure the livelihood of Kenyan people. Waste management system, climate change adaptation, high-risk disaster management, and many other plans have been implemented by the Kenyan government.

Agriculture in Kenya

As we have already mentioned earlier, natural resource is one of the most established income sources for the people of Kenya. So, a large contribution to the GDP comes from the agricultural sector. The country is known for producing corn products, tea, coffee, wheat, pyrethrum, and more.

Tea and coffee are exported to other countries in Asia and Europe. In low lands, cotton, sisal, coconuts nuts, pineapple, etc. are cultivated. The exporting sector fluctuates during the rainy season as the country is vulnerable to it.

People of Kenya

Kenyan people are the most amazing aspect of the country. They are hard-working citizens who have been cherishing their culture for the last few centuries. Kenyans are divided by different communities but united by common ethics and moralities.

Some of the popular communities of Kenya are the Samburu community, the Ogiek Community, The Swahili community, and more. Also, Kenyans are divided by the language, such as Bantu-speaking people, Nilotic-speaking people, Cushitic speaking people, and more. Yet, surprisingly the main languages in Kenya are Swahili and English.

In the rural area, Kenyans wear the most fascinating outfits with the traditional colorful ornaments. In the cities, just like the other countries, people prefer attire and corporate wear.

Traditional roadside gathering or crowding in the restaurants can be seen in the Kenyan cities as well. All the people of Kenya, regardless of rural or urban, are generous, kind, and moral. Tourists can easily fit in with them and they will be happy hosting the guest with generosity and respect.

Job and Business Prospects in Kenya

A few years back, people of Kenya used to migrate to another country for a better future, but it is surprising now in recent years how the financial scenarios have changed drastically. Thousands of job opportunities are available in Kenya, including international and regional jobs.

In the business area, the situation is not different either. The people of Kenya are now starting a business from scratch. They are introducing new business ideas; they are selling and buying companies. The total registered business number in Kenya was 1000816 which is already a 15 years old statistic. Now the business number has increased 53% than what it was even 5 years ago. The popular and large businesses in Kenya include commodity chemicals. Banking sectors, automobiles, food products, brewers, and more.

Unlike the other countries, starting a new business in Kenya requires less investment and higher effort. This creates a favorable business environment for its people and foreigners with great startup ideas.

Tourism in Kenya

The country consists of high land, grassland, and low land where mountain valleys, vast lakes, wonderful landscapes, and wildlife can be seen. For nature-hungry people, it has balloon safaris, walking safari, Helicopter safaris, and more. From feeding elephants to riding in Dhows, safari takes the tourism experience to a whole new level.

For divers and swimmers, Kenya offers a favorable environment. The exhilaration of diving, kitesurfing, and white-water rafting can be experienced in the land of Caribbean beauty. Even walking in Kenya is so much more interesting and thrilling than the other countries.

Tribal people, artful stones, and many interesting sights can be perceived while roaming in the streets of Kenya. The nightlife of the country is also overwhelmed by the vivid lights and noise from the clubs and casinos.

Lastly, playing golf or enjoying a traditional festival in Kenya can complete one’s anticipation of a thrilling journey in a land of cultural beauty and heritage.
The cost of marine activities or a helicopter ride in other countries may be sky high but in Kenya, it is much more favorable. For touring in a wonderful country within a limited budget, Kenya is one of the best travel destinations.

Final Words

Compared to many other African states, Kenya is much safer for tourists and opportunists alike. It has established government system and consists of generous people. For the tourists, it would better to visit Kenya avoiding the election session. Besides that, getting comfortable in this country might take some time, but after a while, one may discover the true ease and peace of staying in this beautiful country.